Sexy Laundry

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Michele Riml

Armed with a copy of “Sex for Dummies”, Alice and Henry check themselves into a trendy spa hotel with a mission – to jump start their 25-year marriage. Time has taken its toll, so have kids, stress and gravity. In desperation, Alice has decided that they either make this final, major effort to save their marriage, or they get a divorce and go their separate ways. Can Henry embrace all the wild suggestions Alice keeps pulling from her handy-dandy marriage-saving manual? Does he really want to see his fifty-plus wife, and mother of his children, dressed in black leather? Alice and Henry share their erotic fantasies, exchange recriminations, and take turns confessing the details of their mid-life crises as the play moves from comic to serious and back again. Henry and Alice’s touching and hilarious rediscovery of themselves and the strength of their marriage will resonate with audiences of all ages. In turns poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, Sexy Laundry is a romantic comedy guaranteed to strike a chord.

A touching, laugh-out-loud look at an ordinary couple with a less-than-ordinary overnight bag.

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