Funny when you’re dead

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Andrew Frater

Andrew Frater’s ‘Its Funny When You’re Dead’ first premiered in South Africa at the ‘Grahamstown Arts Festival’ in 1999.

Described as the ‘funniest murder plot ever’…George wants to kill his wife so that he can marry his beautiful young blond mistress.

But things begin to go horribly wrong when unexpected guests suddenly arrive at the old abandoned house where he plans to commit the crime. And what seemed like a fool-proof plan quickly spirals into a hilarious series of misfortunes as he accidentally keeps killing the wrong person. Theatermogul is co-producing the farce at the Schmidts TIVOLI Theater in Hamburg. Premiere Aug 2012.

“One of the most murderously funny comedies of the year.”– The Cape Argus
“The outrageous dialogue should have you in fits of laughter.” – The Star
“Andrew Frater’s clever scripting has created a fast-moving twilight zone that is beyond the bizarre.” – Cue
“A masterful farce.” – The Grahamstown National Arts Festival
“A killer Farce to die for.” – The Tonight

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