Defending the Cavewoman

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Defending the Cavewoman

Written by Emma Peirson

Concept – Vanessa Frost

With nearly 13 years of sell out success in South Africa and Europe, Defending the Cavewoman – the fabulously funny, Vita Nominated, female response to Rob Becker’s Broadway hit is produced by Theater Mogul.

This hilarious script digs deep into the caves of the female psyche, sending the male of our species scattering in all directions, by masterfully debunking the stereotypical myths about how women think!

Defending the Cavewoman is a tender yet hilarious laugh-a-minute comedy about two completely different creatures, desperately trying to co-exist on one tiny planet… sharing one bathroom!


“The laughter on opening night says it all-  go and watch”

– Die Beeld

 “Cheekily and cleverly created, this is a laugh-a –minute look at man from a   woman’s perspective- nothing is sacred”

-Time Out

 “Ribald and witty, Cavewoman is no pale imitation”

– Sunday Independent

 “I came out almost gasping for breath….an essentially flawless performance…”

 – The Star Tonight


The production has been running to full houses and exceptional response in the following countries:

South Africa ( Various cities in two languages)

Latvia – Riga

Finland – Tampere

Switzerland – (various cities)

Austria (various cities)

Mexico – Mexico City

Spain – (various cities)

Germany – (various cities)

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